Re-tipping, Repairing, and Rebuilding Your Diamond Core Drills Can Save You Money

Blog | August 19th, 2019

Diamond core drills have proven themselves against their nearest competitors. They’re an excellent alternative to carbide, can drill through the hardest materials while leaving the cleanest edges, and they do so without generating a lot of noise. Too bad, even these heavy-duty tool parts can’t last forever. Eventually, no matter how skillful a drill operator works, a diamond core drill bit will die a slow death, unless restorative measures are taken.

Revitalizing Diamond Core Drill Bits

That’s an expensive option; the disposal of a diamond-edged drill core after it has accumulated damage. A segment has separated because too much operator pressure was applied at the wrong moment. A glaze has maybe covered the abrasive edges because the tool has overheated. Looking at the damage, the guy using the equipment decides to scrap the tool because it can no longer perform its functions. That’s a mistake, a costly mistake at that. The correct action at this juncture would be to talk to a re-tipping and repairing professional. Here at ToolTec Pty. Ltd., we’ve become something of an authority on such matters. Having spent years repairing and customizing diamond-tipped tools, our master craftsmen know just how to restore an ailing diamond core drill.

Diamond Drilling Equipment is Not Invincible

Much though a drilling service might wish the opposite were true, abrasive diamond cores will age and fail. Before that happens, equipment operators still have options. If a damaged segment breaks free, it can be rebuilt. For a tip fracture, the tool can be re-tipped. Even with a glaze blunting the diamonds, a sharpening procedure will soon uncover the diamonds so that the drill works as well as before. In fact, sharpened and re-tipped, a truly proficient drill repair service can yield results that function better than the original manufacturer-designed drill tip. Best of all, though, the repair and re-tip work won’t cast a small fortune. That’s not something that can be said for an ill-advised parts replacement policy.

These tools are subjected to enormous amounts of stress. An unlucky strike, one that hits a piece of refractory material at the wrong angle, could destroy a core segment. Even if the tool lasts far beyond its expected lifespan, it’ll eventually fail, at which point a preoccupied operator might make an imprudent choice. Expensively, the worn coring drill is cast aside when it still has a lot to offer. Of course, that buried potential can’t be realized until a qualified repair and re-tipping service can rebuild the tool. Long story short, diamonds drill cores can be repaired, and you really can save money when restoring them to their high-performing best.

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