Re-tip, Repair, and Rebuild Diamond Core Drills: The Practical Choices

Blog | December 18th, 2018

Core drills have been used for various purposes over the years to remove cylindrical shaped amounts of materials on project sites. The strongest types of these are the diamond core drills since they have the ability to cut through concrete or other hard materials to remove sections of these materials for different reasons. Even though these drills are highly durable, there are still times that they show wear and cease to perform their function appropriately. Many people make the mistake and purchase brand new ones when this occurs when there is more cost-effective, practical methods for dealing with this issue, namely re-tip, repair and/or rebuild them.

What Are Diamond Core Drills?

Diamond core drills are similar to other core drills except they contain a diamond drill bit at the end of the drill pipe instead of a regular drill bit. Industrial-strength diamonds in the bit make it cut more efficiently and effectively through concrete and other hard materials. The diamonds actually fit into a matrix of toughened steel. It is this matrix that can wear away over time, and this exposes the diamonds and diminishes the effectiveness of these drills.

When Not to Buy New Diamond Core Drills?

Purchasing new diamond core drills should not be the first action to take in remedying a worn diamond drill bit. Many times, these drills can be re-tipped, repaired and or rebuilt to refurbish them back to their original, optimal condition. Before sending your diamond core drills for re-tipping, repairing and rebuilding services, you need to perform the following:

• Check the drive threads to see if they are damaged
• Check the barrel wall to see if it is too thin
• Check the outside diameter of the barrel for roundness

Re-tip, Repair and Rebuild Services Are Cost-Effective

When it is determined that your drills can be re-tipped, repaired and/or rebuilt to refurbish them. These services are the more cost-effective options for solving your issues. Only purchase new diamond core drills when you cannot solve your issues through these services.

For further details about why re-tip, repair and rebuild services for diamond core drills are the practical choices to refurbish your drills, contact Tooltec. We can save you a lot of money over the years by re-tipping, repairing and/or rebuilding your present diamond core drills, regardless of the reason that they need these services. Our company uses only quality diamond segments and machinery to perform all refurbishments. You can receive a quote of our services as they pertain to your specific situation upon request. Do not forget to ask about our other service and product offerings to learn all that we can offer you.

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