What Makes Diamond Blades the Perfect Tool for Concrete-Cutting

Blog | February 28th, 2020

Concrete is generally a tough material that is utilised in various settings – included but not limited to – sidewalks, streets, office buildings and commercial and industrial complexes. This particular material is required to be cut in different sizes suited for the job it serves. As such, diamond blades are often the standard tool used in fitting concrete into their required size. Below are reasons why diamond blades are the perfect tool for concrete cutting.

Diamond Blades are Intended for Industrial Use

Contrary to popular belief, diamonds are not only for jewellery and decorative purposes. Since they are the hardest and most incompressible rock, they are suitable for industrial use. Diamonds have the ability to cut through any other type of material. They are also equipped to disperse and transfer heat particles. Consequently, they can withstand high temperature even with large amounts of friction. These properties alone made diamonds highly useful for blade construction. As such, diamond blades are considered as the perfect tool for concrete-cutting.

Diamond Blades are Specifically Designed for Concrete Cutting

All diamond-tipped saw blades have a core or hub made from steel. The diamonds themselves are combined with metal powder, and then heated at a high enough temperature to form a single cutting matrix. This matrix is then bonded to the core in individual segments, or as a continuous rim. This outer edge is wider than the steel hub, and penetrates through concrete or reinforced concrete during the cutting process.

Diamond Blades Erode Tough Materials

Although they’re the preferred choice for concrete cutting, diamond saw blades do not actually “cut.” Instead, when spinning at operational speed, they get the job done through a grinding action that erodes small particles of material and knocks larger particles loose. This process gradually fractures and breaks down the outer layer of diamonds on the saw blade’s rim or individual segments. When one layer of stone is worn through, it exposes a new layer that takes over the task at hand.

Diamond Blades Provide Unequalled Cutting Power

When matched to the right type of concrete saw, a diamond blade provides unequalled cutting power. However, it still depends on the cutting tool’s operating horsepower and spinning blade speed. Whenever possible, professional cutters use wet saws to reduce the friction on the saw blade, prolong blade life and keep jobsite dust to a minimum. Dry cutting can also work well as long as the blade is allowed to cool down periodically. However, it is important to take note of the factors that affect the cutting efficiency of diamond blades. Among those are diamond quality, diamond concentration and distribution, cutting surface and blade core bond toughness or hardness, and cutting surface width.

Diamond blades are indeed an efficient tool in concrete cutting. If you want to know more about diamond blade products, you can contact us at Tooltec. We provide all types of diamond blades for your cutting needs.

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