Reasons Why Diamond Blades are Well Worth the Investment

Blog | November 19th, 2019

Cutting materials through the use of traditional saw blades may be inconvenient for some people. You see, a conventional blade without any added elements can cut the materials just right, but it would consume a lot of your time and effort. Thankfully, the companies behind the saw industry explored new ways in improving the quality of the blades.

Diamond blades are now commonly used as the primary tool for cutting almost all kinds of materials. The said blades have a robust composition that makes them ideal to any kind of construction, modification, and household works. Moreover, the variations of diamond blades can help you pick the right cutting tool for you.

Composition of Diamond Blades

From the name itself, diamond blades have diamonds fixed on certain parts of the blade. What makes the diamonds special is the fact that they are the hardest mineral known to date. Hardest minerals are so hard to break that only diamond itself can break them apart. So, expect that diamond blades can cut and penetrate materials that must be cut for construction and household works. The hardness of such minerals also makes the diamonds the go-to material when crafting pieces of jewellery and collectibles.

Types of Diamond Blades

Diamond blades are classified into three types:

Diamond segmented – This type of blade can cut through concrete, brick, concrete pavers, limestone, and other related materials. Diamond segmented blades can be used in dry applications since they have segments on the edge of the blade.

Continuous rim – For wet applications, the continuous rim blade is the best blade to go. It can cut marble, granite, porcelain tile, and ceramic tiles with ease. This type of blade cuts the slowest among the bunch, but it can yield the best cut.

Turbo blades – Turbo blades can be used in both wet and dry applications. These blades have smaller segments compared to diamond segmented. Small holes are also scattered through the turbo blades, which can cut concrete, bricks, and limestone materials.

Benefits of Diamond Blades

Despite the inclusion of diamonds on the blade itself, one benefit of investing in diamond blades is that they are affordable. With correct usage, your diamond blades can perform well for a long time at a price that wouldn’t ruin your budget. In connection to the available pricing, the lifespan of these blades is longer than the others since they are sturdy and resistant to wear and tear.

Another benefit of using diamond blades is that they can cut the material surface precisely and accurately. They can cut right through objects without getting damaged. The surfaces of the objects themselves are also not affected by the cutting action since diamond blades are less likely to heat up and burn. Moreover, the diamond blades can cut precisely since they don’t get stuck in materials even in continuous operations.

As mentioned, diamond blades can cut the typical materials used in construction works. Some diamond blade types can even cut faster than other types of blades. Additionally, they function without creating so much noise, which can help reduce sound pollution in your workplace.

All the mentioned features and benefits make the diamond blades worthy of your investment. If you are in the market to have your own set of diamond blades, feel free to contact us at Tooltec. We can deliver all your needed tools and accessories across Australia.

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