Quality Diamond Blades for Cutting Marble and Granite: Available at Tooltec Pty Ltd

Blog | August 5th, 2019

Over the last 30 years, the Tooltec Pty. Ltd. name has grown in every respect. When hard-working contractors go looking for name-brand diamond blades in and around Sydney, Australia, we’re usually the first, and last, stop they’ll make. That guarantee applies to marble and granite diamond cutting blades, plus every other abrasive and refractory material that regularly stymies the most determined equipment operator. Opening with granite, this is a surprisingly dense material.

Granite Diamond Cutting Experts

Sure, you can count on Tooltec Pty. Ltd. to give you the best possible cutting blade. Be sure to spend a few minutes supplying project information, then pause to see one of the team’s knowledgeable representatives weigh the demands of the job. Common among all inventory items, specially formulated bonding agents and sintered materials bind the layers of diamond grit. That basic tenet will be explained from the start, which will keep non-tooling types in the loop. On recognizing an experienced diamond cutting expert, the conversation takes a sharp turn into “tech-land.” Able to speak a tool operator’s language, a Tooltec rep can talk for ages about serrated rim profiles and their segment heights. Talking about Granite Abrasivity Indexes and Mohs Hardness Scale properties, all relevant questions are posed and answered, at which point the right granite cutting diamond blade is made available for purchase.

Purchasing A Marble Cutting Blade

Yet again, the only way to make headway is to sit down and talk to an informed salesperson, someone who knows the ins-and-outs of this often challenging vocation. Back with the Mohs Hardness Scale, hard granite materials occupy the 6-7 range. Above that point, you’re talking about flinty basalt or igneous rock, materials that require plenty of wet blade cooling. Marble is a little softer, so expect an MHS of around 3-4. However, marble blocks require very finely applied cuts. Used as expensive countertop materials and for tastefully decorated lobby surfaces, among other things, anything less would look aesthetically unappealing. Due to that fact, diamond-laced marble cutting blades require every bit as much purchasing care and consideration as a tough-as-nails granite cutter does.

Indeed, granite and marble diamond blades are unique. A concrete cutter can afford to apply a coarse incision. The job is maybe being performed outdoors, on a road or naked structural wall. With attractive mineral aggregates, everything changes. The stone is polished and clean so that it can be installed in a home or office. Knowing such prerequisites very well indeed, Tooltec purchasing power is all about finding the right diamond cutting blade for the job. After all, working with hardened minerals and dense aggregates, the stone has to receive the kind of finely wrought cuts that’ll satisfy the most demanding interior decorator types.

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