Custom Drill Bits and Drill Bits: Why Diamond is the Best Material?

Blog | October 26th, 2018

Today’s expanded number of drilling applications can leave drill bit manufacturers scrambling to play catch-up. There are glassy and mineral-heavy surfaces to drill. If a custom drill bit doesn’t perform adequately, then that material will fracture. Think of the expense, the harm caused by this sub-par cutting tool. Imagine, just for a moment, that the job involved a massive piece of imported marble or stone travertine. Let’s get drilling.

Productivity-Enhanced Diamond Drilling 

The large slab requires drill holes near its centre. Calling upon a diamond drill bit and the power tool that it’s mounted upon, the holes pass through the material without any trouble whatsoever. The RPM’s were set just-so, the pressure applied to the equipment wasn’t unduly heavy-handed, and the tool never placed any stress on a single potential fracture zone. Even the bonded and graded diamonds seemed to match the material characteristics, somehow. And that wasn’t an accident. Diamond drill bits really are selected with meticulous care. If a series of on-hand drills isn’t compatible with the cutting medium, well, a truly capable diamond drilling service will go above and beyond the call of duty by seeking out custom drill bits.

Customised Diamond Drill Bits 

Looking at a company inventory, thousands of diamond-tipped drill bits occupy a comprehensively furnished tooling catalogue. There are solid bits, which use blunt, abrasive noses. Hollow core drills, which cut out a core or plug, come next. They leave a plug behind when their sintered or bonded cutting discs finish. There are more options, of course, but that’s not the point. The point is this: unlike conventional drilling techniques, diamond-tipped drills work upon dozens, perhaps even hundreds of different surfaces. There are surfaces that resist normal drilling approaches, like glass, but there are also softer materials which can fracture when they’re exposed to a standard drilling rig. And, because of the cost factor mentioned earlier, plus other contributing factors, diamond drill bits must precisely match the materials they’re being worked upon. Certainly, there are general purpose drill bits, but it’s the custom-made ones that most top-tier drilling operations seek out.

Custom drill bits last longer than their general purpose counterparts. The diamond drill bits treat their cut materials with fastidious care, so fractures and drilling defects are never an issue. Remember, large blocks of expensively imported granite can’t erase poorly applied drill holes. That flaw is there forever. Custom diamond drill bits match the required drill depth, suit the cutting medium, adapt when unforeseen problems arise, and they do the job properly. Incidentally, customised bits also support other important diamond drilling features, including lubrication routing systems and specially commissioned cutting diameters/core plug sizes.

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