Advantages of Having Custom-made Diamond Drill Bits

Blog | May 20th, 2019

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. They’re also popular with construction workers, although not as sparkling ring adornments. Just as a diamond-encrusted engagement ring can be customized, so can a deep-cutting drill bit, one that’s coated in synthetic gems. Hence, not interested in romanticism, at least not during work hours, the reasons given by a tool operator for sourcing a custom-made diamond drill bit are motivated by application practicalities.

Application-Specific Diamond Tailoring

This first conclusion applies to most drill bits. Actually, most tool designs follow the same approach. It’s just that different materials are drilled while holes are cut in various sizes, depths, and diameters. By custom designing a diamond drill bit, a tool buyer procures a hole cutting instrument that will match a job’s specific conditions. If the material changes, becomes harder or softer, coarser or finer, then the drill operator selects a diamond drill bit that suits the new job’s drilling specs.

The Art of Diamond Drilling

Or perhaps the work is viewed as a science. Art or science, the tool user won’t get the results he’s after if his drilling techniques are anything less than superb. As part of that display of drilling virtuosity, the tech acquires a diamond drill bit that’s custom-designed to deliver the best results. It cuts through hard tile or granite without accumulating damage. Even better, the tile doesn’t crack or chip. Thanks to a specially oriented array of synthetic diamonds, plus a timed-wear bonding matrix, the tailored drilling action makes short work of what’s an incredibly delicate job.

Determining the Customizable Boring Attributes

Quite frankly, there are dozens of controllable material factors and geometrical settings that can be used to shape a uniquely crafted diamond drill bit. An application-optimized, made to order tool, one that doesn’t contain diamonds, can adjust its kerf cutting angle so that more material is removed during a single turn. Then there’s the alloy hardness and dimensions to set. Adding the diamond coating to the mix, the grain size is as variable as the gem shape and/or coarseness quality. On tuning these gem and drill bit features just-so, that made-to-order diamond drill bit becomes an application-optimized instrument.

Not being optimized, a generically designed drilling bit might do the job. But it’s hardly the most productive tool, is it? It runs too hot, it creates chips, and its lifespan seems woefully stunted. No, a jack-of-all-trades diamond drill bit might just hit the productivity sweet spot sometimes, but that’s really not good enough. Staying cool, free of noise and tile chippings, a custom-built diamond drill bit targets its assigned jobs with guided missile-like tool optimization.

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